Refer a Child

At Say Hooray, we want to make things as convenient as can be for the professionals and families that we work with. That's why we've set up this quick and easy form for professionals to fill in to refer one of their clients/patients on. 

Whether you're a GP, Occupational Therapist, Teacher, Paediatrician, Psychologist, or Physiotherapist, this form is handy way to help your client in less than two minutes!

Parents are busy people! Help take a load off their shoulders by getting a Speech Pathologist to give them a call. After you have submit the referral, we will get in touch with the parent of the child to talk to them about making a booking. The referal details will remain confidential and the call with the client is obligation-free.

**Please note, Say Hooray does not require a referral from medical or allied health professional. This referral form is provided for the convenience of professionals who do make referrals and for the families they see.**

Is the family asking about fees? Find them here.

Submit Medicare Forms

above to send them to our secure Dropbox folder or fax through to 08 7200 7794


Fill in some details below to refer a family without a GP Plan. We will call the family to book them in.

Refer a child for Speech Pathology

Without a Medicare Plan