• Claudia Maciuszko

4 Reasons to Join a Social Skills Group

Is your child doing really well one-on-one but things go a little haywire when they are in a group? Have they mastered their social skills in therapy and understand the concepts, but the learning isn’t quite translating to real life?

Social Skills groups are the middle ground between being taught in a structured therapy setting the skills children need to interact with others, and the everyday situations they face in real life. Here’s why this may be the next step your child needs to really get the hang of those social nuances:

1. They allow SUPPORTED practise

We’ve all experienced the feeling of our stomach dropping to our feet when we seem to have got the hang of something and someone says “great, you’ve got it, now go and do it on your own”. Wow wow wow, I still need someone by my side buddy. That’s what our children need. The Speech Pathologist running the Social Skills group will provide guidance and prompts so that your child can remember what they have learnt in therapy and be provided with on-the-go support and feedback that they can apply immediately while in an interaction. This reduces the pressure that might otherwise cause all the learning to go out the window.

2. Children learn from each other

The other children in the group usually also require support with their social skills, which fosters an environment of understanding and safety. The children can also learn from each other and respond to the positive behaviour modelled by others.

3. It’s a way to keep therapy consistent and change it up

Social Skills groups can be a great way to keep therapy varied and fun and to take advantage of any school closure days or holidays. Our regular groups happen fortnightly during term time and we always have a few special groups in the school holidays too that the kids go bananas for.

4. Parents and children can form friendships

Not only is this a great way for children to meet friends, but parents have the opportunity too! It’s rare for fellow parents to cross paths when accessing therapy individually for their child, but groups are a fantastic place to connect, share experiences and learn from each other too. Feel free to drop the kids off and scoot off for a coffee together, we’ll take it from here!

Check out our website for information about our Social Skills Groups:

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