• Claudia Maciuszko

Seeing Autism Differently

As you may have heard already, we at Say Hooray are passionate about celebrating every individual’s uniqueness, and this permeates our work with children on the Autism Spectrum especially. There can be many negative perspectives from society on Autism, focusing on reducing “problem behaviours”, getting children to be more “normal” and stopping all the little things they do that make them different to everyone else. We believe in a different approach and so does Dr Barry M. Prizant, author of the sensational book Uniquely Human. Dr Prizant has qualifications as a Speech-Language Pathologist, as well as being a clinical scholar, consultant and researcher. He has over 40 years of experience working with people on the Autism Spectrum and has a passion for this area that is truly inspirational.

We can’t get enough of his book and highly recommend it to anybody who has experienced Autism. It provides a truly eye-opening perspective on the Spectrum and one which is also very positive and hopeful.

The book’s focus is on aiming to understand a person with Autism, how they experience the world and how this influences the ways in which they communicate and behave with those around them. Dr Prizant teaches us that there is a purpose and meaning behind everything a child on the Spectrum does, and that if we seek to learn what this is, we can better understand the child and consequently, support them in a far more effective way than traditional, impairment-based intervention.

Dr Prizant also beautifully illustrates that Autism is not a deficit, it is a different way of being human. Accepting this is the first big step towards celebrating every child’s unique way of being and creating the best possible supports for them to lead the incredible lives they deserve.

We are so thrilled to find a book that so profoundly resonates with our philosophy and is based on decades of work that has brought truly amazing outcomes for thousands of individuals and families. You will find yourself immersed in the pages, and yes, probably wiping away a tear now and again, but also laughing out loud!

Look out for further blogs sharing more from our number one page-turner, Uniquely Human.

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