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5 Kmart Christmas Presents for Fun & Learning

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be hoping to get most of the present-buying done early to minimise the last minute scrambles! But with the number of toys advertised, it’s hard to know where to start and where to go to keep your wallet intact. We all know you’re itching for an excuse to do yet another Kmart run… and here is it is! In addition to having brilliantly stunning and affordable homewares, Kmart also has a great toy section! We’ve picked out some of our favourites to share with you.

Our handy list of gift ideas will not only be fun for your little one, but will support their communication development as well:

1. Who Is It?

Pretty much Guess Who in a much cheaper, $5 version, this game will help teach your child to take turns, ask questions, search for relevant information, utilise a wide range of adjectives and nouns and have fun getting closer and closer to the big reveal!

2. Pop! The Pig

This is always a favourite with the littlies. Be silly taking turns to feed the pig until he can’t take any more and pops! This game provides a wonderful opportunity for practising speech sounds with consistent rewards: “sssnake! That was a great “ssss”sound, let’s feed the pig another burger!” Also great for practicing prepositions like ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’, ‘next to’ by hiding the burgers before feeding them to him. It’s a good opportunity to talk about numbers and colours too. $25

3. Hanging Monkeys

You may have heard of Tumbling Chimps. Same game, but for an easy 10 bucks at Kmart! This is another good one for regular fun rewards and encourages your child to understand and make requests: “can I have two blue monkeys?” Hanging Monkeys also supports focus, careful play, turn-taking and anticipating a final goal, eg. the monkeys all fall down!

4. Toy cars

Kmart is packed full of these cheap little goodies so be sure to stock up! Toy cars and vehicles are simple, but they provide an incredibly rich opportunity for language input and development. Say “brum” and “crash” while you push the cars to encourage new speech sounds, build your child’s vocabulary by describing your play (eg. “push car! Ready steady go! That car went fast, now let’s go slow”) and give your child a chance to make requests of you. This pack is $5 for five.

5. Bubbles

We can’t possibly miss out bubbles! These are our signature at Say Hooray and for good reason. Not only are they wonderfully fun in that safe way we know parents love, they can also be used as a basis for functional communication. Bubbles give your child the opportunity to practice: “more”, “up”, “down”, “blow”, “pop”, “clap”, “stamp”, “big”, “small”, “all gone” and many more fun words and phrases! Once again, they learn to request, to wait, to use their words and gestures to communicate what they want, and what’s not to love about happily jumping around popping an army of bubbles?

You can get a large single bottle for 50 cents. We also love the Mega Bubble Sword for $4 that makes huge bubbles!

Christmas is a fantastic time when you can give your child a present they will love and learn from. We hope this list will give you the excuse you’re looking for, to your favourite Kmart, zoom through your Christmas shopping stress-free and leave this wonderland with our suggested goodies under your arm, feeling like a champ!

P.S. Not in any way associated, or sponsored by Kmart – we just Kmart addicts as much as you are!

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